Shibari or Kinbaku is the art of erotic Japanese Rope Bondage.

At it’s core, it is beautiful and engaging artistically intricate knot work with a focus on connecting with your partner and enjoying the entire process, not just the end result.

The Introduction Class covers:
Safety Considerations, Tools and Procedures
Getting to know your tops and bottoms
Rope Types – Pros and Cons
3 T’s
Single and Double Column ties
Fast chest harnesses
Hip and Thigh rigs
Basic quick cuffs, madate and loop cuff

No experience necessary.
Bring a friend or make it a date night!

This is our first open practice shibari class hosted at the Vixen Photography studio! The class is intended for anyone looking to get started with the fundamentals of rope handling, learn a few techniques of rope on a body, and begin to pull it all (tighter!) together. Once you are proficient at the content of this course you will have the skills necessary to have fun practicing at home or be ready to participate in more advanced classes and courses.

There will be a short guided discussion about safety and good practices, advice on everything from rope selection to scene negotiation, and a wide variety of topics to ensure a solid fundamental understanding of tying someone up. The techniques covered are specifically designed to be quick, modular, and follow similar patterns, meaning less memorizing and more tying. Once you get the hang of it, your bottom will have no escape! After demonstrating several different exercises and once instruction has ended you’ll have plenty of time to practice, socialize, and explore the studio space.

Do I need to come with a partner?
Just like a shower, it’s always recommended to bring a friend. However, for this beginner course you can practice all the components on yourself or a piece of furniture.
What if I don’t have a partner to bring or practice with?
The studio will be open before the actual class begins. Socialize a little and arrange with another student to share class time. I recommend you get to know other students in your class, speak to the instructor, or put a message on FetLife.
What if I just want to be tied up?
You are more than welcome! There’s no harm in learning some of the basics up front, and it’s a great way to get involved and start meeting people. We recommend that people who want to be tied attend this course too, it will give you a better understanding of how rope bondage should be conducted, allowing you to make better informed decisions about your safety and assess the skill of potential rope tops.
Do I need to bring my own rope?
I recommend you bring your own 15-30′ rope. If you are unsure what to start building your kit with, rope may be provided in the classes to use, however we will still recommend owning one or more lengths to practice with at home. Rope is available for purchase at the Studio.
Where is the Studio?
RSVP or shoot me a message @MacInsatiable for the address. If all else fails, hit us up on Instagram @VixenPhoto.
Do I need to pay for a partner if they are just there to get tied up?
Unless explicitly stated otherwise, tickets are per person at the door. This has been factored into the cost of tickets. We believe in doing this for a few reasons:
• Sometimes people don’t want to come as couples, they can come as one-somes, two-somes or more-somes
• When people do come with a partner we don’t assume that one partner is covering the full cost. We encourage people to work this out between themselves but believe by not bundling tickets this makes it easier
• We believe that top, bottom, rigger, model, bunny, switch or anything in between are of equal importance we are an equal opportunity teaching studio and everybody learns something from whichever role they assume.

Our photographer will also be available for memento portraits, mini photo-shoots with your new skills, or to schedule your own shibari-themed shoot.