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SarahΒ S

Scott is amazing! I took my bridesmaids here to thank them for all their hard work helping me plan my wedding. We all had so much fun. They thought it was the best gift ever-especially since we all left with gifts for our husbands.Β His work is top notch and extremely professional.

Tanya Marie

Recent review from one of our awesome VIXENS!:
I Had such an amazing experience with Scott and his team. I have to admit I was nervous shooting with Vixen (because the photos are such art!! and so beautiful) When I got to the studio, everyone introduced themselves (all so friendly) and made me comfortable. Him and his team are all encouraging, empowering, and make you feel so incredible, as you should! Their professionalism is the beesknees wink emoticon
I can say that working with them was one of the best experience’s of my life!
Can’t wait to see the new studio!
I highly recommend booking a shoot, TODAY!


I cannot say enough wonderful things about Vixen Photography. Scott is awesome and has an eye for creativity and art. Not only does he help you feel comfortable and at ease during your shoot, but he goes above and beyond to make you look as sexy and beautiful as you feel. Truly an amazing and fun experience!


If you live in SoCal you and are looking for something creative, beautiful and fun, contact Vixen!! I could bring them any idea/costume and they could help me take it to another level without ever making me feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. They always bring high energy, passion and fun to everything they do, even if it is just looking over edits or tossing around ideas. This is my 3rd shoot with them and I definitely plan on many more. I can’t wait to make more costumes just so I can have Scott add the Vixen touch! Thank you Kixxi and Scott!!!!!


I wanted to get something extra special and sentimental for my boyfriends birthday and I found Vixen through a friend of a friends Facebook when I was mesmerized by her amazing photos. I found out she had them taken at Vixen and I knew I had to do this for his gift. It was easy to book a date with Vixen and they were great at communicating with me over emails leading up to my shoot.

I felt like a Victoria’s Secret model the day of my shoot. Everyone was super attentive from the moment I set foot in the studio. I was was whisked away to hair and make up and offered a glass of chilled champagne. The energy from everyone in the studio made me feel beautiful – they’re all rooting for you and telling you how fantastic you look from beginning to end.

When hair and make up were done, Kixxi helped me pick my boudoir outfit from the several options that I brought. Then she and Scott picked out a glamorous Victorian chaise lounge for me to pose on. I was I was definitely nervous having never done anything like this before and it’s just not in my nature, but they made it SO easy. Kixxi is such a doll! She is a burlesque dancer and posed me to look flawless. In the beginning she literally moved my arms and legs for me to position me nicely. She really pays attention to details helping you to relax your face, positioning your hands, pointing your toes and fixing a stray hair or lingerie ruffle.

Scott is a true artist! He has a great eye and on top of his talent he is a really supportive photographer. He made me feel gorgeous and really comfortable. He gave me great direction (since I am NOT a model) and he and Kixxi are really encouraging and everyone in the room just keeps telling you how beautiful you look.
It was an amazing experience and I cannot wait to do it again. I was on a supermodel high for the next few days after the shoot.

My boyfriend LOVED the book! He was so surprised and excited. Scotts touch up work was flawless and I couldn’t be more pleased with the end result, which is absolutely stunning!. I highly recommend every woman experience a photo shoot like this at least once in your life, it is SO much fun!


I CANNOT say enough good things about VIXEN!

My girlfriend talked me into doing a ‘mini shoot’ and we gathered up our 6 girlfriends. I actually almost backed out at the last minute because I felt my body was not ready. I had been working out, but it was too little too late and didn’t feel up to par.

So as not to let down my 5 other girlfriends I went through with it and I am SO GLAD I DID!

We all got the hair and makeup service with Marisa and Madison. I do believe professional hair and makeup make a huge difference and give you that little extra vavoom and pop for pictures.

What I didn’t know was that Scott’s wife Kixxi would be there to help pose and position! If you are worried about some creepy photographer perving on you please don’t. Scott is VERY professional and a DOLL and…… his wife is there! Kixxi has an AMAZING eye for detail and will tell you to twist and turn for that perfect FLATTERING angle! Just moving your leg a certain way can make a world of difference! And…..they are totally FUN people! You will want to hug them all when you say goodbye…….promise.

I showed them my outfit and they picked the perfect fainting couch, rug and back drop for it! Totally customized to make me look PERFECT. During my shoot, they were totally focused on me, telling me which way to move, look etc. Scott lies on the floor, climbs ladders, he’s all over the place! This man is working! Whatever music you like is playing and your girlfriends are cheering you on too! I am very shy about being on stage normally so I’m shocked at how much fun I had! Having some champagne or whatever booze you bring doesn’t hurt either! Then, I had the pleasure of watching my girlfriends shoot, get their hair and makeup done etc.! You also get to see your pictures right then and there and pick which ones are best with your friends! If you are like me, you NEED your girls to tell you what’s best because you just are not realistic when it comes to yourself!

Our pictures are done now and up on Vixens Facebook page and we are having a BLAST sharing and commenting on them! Scott truly makes you a piece of art. My pictures are beautiful and I’m so proud and so glad I did it! I can’t believe I almost didn’t’! We are all planning to do it again next year it was THAT fun!

Don’t worry about how you look or that last 5 or 20 pounds. Look at their Facebook page, women of all shapes are on their and they ALL look AMAZING!

Tips: Go to Temptress in OB for great outfits and tips from the owner! They know Vixen and will hold your hand getting ready for your shoot! Get sheer to toe nylons to wear under your stockings to smooth out any leg issues! (I have some cellulite and veins πŸ˜‰ Wear TWO bra’s to get extra lift if you want extra va va voom! Bring a prop that is special to you! I brought a skull because I’m weird like that πŸ˜‰ One of the girls posed in a football jersey and a football, one girl brought her husbands guitar. Bring extra booze and snacks! And if you are worried about your lack of abs, wear a corset! I promise you will look AMAZING!


Just a quick note to let you know my husband loved, loved, loved the pictures and book. He was overwhelmed with the artistry and quality of the production. We wanted to frame all of the photos. He loved the shot looking down on me on the couch from behind my head and the various angles of the poses.

He loved the make up and hair as well. He really studied the entire book for hours. Could not believe it. I am eager to get the word out and thank you for such a great event. Everyone made me so comfortable and it showed it the photos. Great job!


This past Saturday I had my second shoot with Vixen. I worked with Scott and Kixxi to kick it up a notch (at the last min to say the very least) and make it into a Photo Shoot Bridal Shower party. They worked with me to get all my friends together for an amazing day! Scott and his entire team are the ultimate professionals making you feel very comfortable, and easing any nerves you may have. They had the studio set up for all the girls ideas and totally nailed it! Including one girl bringing a harley into the studio! I cant wait to see my book and prints!

If you know anyone who wants to do something fun and memorable for a bachelorette party or bridal shower – or even just a kick butt girls day- throw a photoshoot party with Vixen!


Most amazing photographer who and his staff is truly the best in the market. They are very professional and made the experience. Well worth the drive from Phoenix, AZ and hopefully can do it again


I just wanted to thank you again for making my bachelorette party so special. You really made each girl feel like a super model for the day and we all left there with a new life mantra ‘What would a vixen do’


Yesterday I attended a great photo party at Vixen Photography. It was such a fun way to hang out with my girlfriends and get all gussied up.

Then when it was my turn to have my pictures taken, I was in heaven! Scott and his assistant made me feel so sexy and comfortable. They understood the look I was going for and totally embraced it. I had an amazing time. I’m not a model, but I felt like one – the hottest one on the planet!

I was floored when I saw the photos on the computer when we were done. I can’t wait to see the prints!

You don’t need a special someone to have sexy pictures taken for. Just do it for yourself! You’ll be amazed by how sexy and powerful you will feel. The Vixen team will rock your socks off (literally!).


I’ve always wanted to do a photo shoot and initially I was nervous. I don’t think I have a “perfect” body and I wasn’t sure what the people there would think of me. My experience was fantastic! The folks there at Vixen Photography made me feel welcome and sexy. I brought 2 outfits, got my hair & make up done then posed. They helped me the whole way through. I just got my pictures in the mail and I can’t stop smiling. I look sexy…I can’t believe it! I plan on going back and getting more pictures done soon. Thank you Vixen Photography.


I can’t really put into words what an amazing experience shooting with VIXEN will be for a girl. Honestly! But to anyone reading this, especially the girls like me who consider themselves simply the girl next door type, GO FOR IT! I decided one day I wanted to take some photos like this, and after much research and deliberation, VIXEN was my best option, quality and price wise. SO worth every penny! I did this just for me, and I don’t regret it a bit… well worth every penny (and I even spent extra for more prints. I wasn’t expecting I’d actually LIKE so many of them!). I had a BLAST, I got my hair and make-up there done and the ladies were both so talented, just as Scott and Kixxi are… if only they could all follow me around all day erryday, I’d look like a rockstar all the time! πŸ˜‰ And Scott and Kixxi really make sure it’s fun throughout the whole time, and you might be thinking “Hmm that pose could not have been cute”… but voilaaa…. they know what they’re doin… wait til you see your prints! So fun, I really want to go for a round 2… now that I know what to expect, I’m sure it would be even more fun! THANK YOU VIXEN! πŸ™‚


Just picked up my book! Awesome! I freakin LOVE it! You two are soooo rad! Thx for all you did to make it look so great!


It was such a pleasure working with you and your entire team. Trust me… haven’t had that experience with the majority of the shoots I’ve done here in San Diego. You are truly artists… makes it so much nicer when you know you are in good hands.


I LOVE LOVE my book!!! It’s absolutely amazing! The best money spent and the most fun and fantastic experience!! You guyz are truly AMAZING!! Thank you sooo much;)


if i could give them more stars i would! yesterday i had one of the best experiences of my life. i did a boudoir/pin up shoot with vixen photography. they made me feel like a princess. hair and makeup by Andrea and Marcia was amazing! i cant wait to get my hair done by Andrea at The Lab. Scott and Kixxi made me feel so comfortable. Kixxi was on set to help me with hair and wardrobe every step of the way. and Scott is an amazing photographer. i can not say enough great things about this experience and these people. cant wait for the next shoot!


I have been a big fan of Scott’s art and photography for a while now and have the privilege of knowing Miss Kixxi Galore through the burlesque scene. Interacting with them at shows and parties has always been a huge joy!! They are such a genuine, sweet and amazing couple! When I finally got the opportunity to book a group shoot with them at The Dollhouse Fitness, I JUMPED at the chance!! The theme was Christmas/winter wonderland! I quickly decided on my outfits and even though the services were available to me, I am lucky enough to be pretty good at my own hair and makeup. So all was set to Go!!

The day of the shoot I arrived a little early to huge smiles, so much excitement and big hugs all around!!! Kixxi right away offered me pink champagne and Tracy (the owner of Dollhouse Fitness) grabbed my bags and escorted me to where I would be getting ready. The girl before me wasn’t quite finished with her shoot yet, but I had so much fun laughing and chatting with her mother and friend who had come to support and encourage the inner “Vixen” out of her! When it came time for me, we got right down to business! Even though I was the last girl of the day Scott had as much energy, enthusiasm, and encouragement for me as he had for all of the other lovely ladies! He was EVERYWHERE!!!! On the ground! Up on a ladder! Right up front! Off to the side! “Look here! Now over there! Turn your shoulders here! Move your leg there! Ok now smile! Now sexy eyes!” And all so quickly so I wouldn’t get tired or cramped into one pose! And Kixxi was always there adjusting my hat, my outfit, my props, showing me a different stance or pose! And my sweet boyfriend (who had come to encourage and support me) was never forgotten in the corner!:-) Scott would show him a few pictures on his camera and Kixxi would chat with him and make sure any need was met! It was the most amazing and empowering experience!!!

Now for the editing- I CAN NOT SAY ENOUGH GOOD OR AMAZING THINGS ABOUT SCOTT SAW!!!!!!! He is a true ARTIST with such an amazing eye for what works and what he can tweak to make better!!!! Have you seen my pictures??? Seriously! Go to the gallery and look!!! I look Perfect!!! My skin, my complexion, my hair, my shoes are even shinier!!!! The back round is done perfectly so it looks like I’m really in a winter wonderland!!!! There is even one particular shot where he removed a belly roll!!! My stomach looks flat as a board!!! Now why can’t we have that in real life???

If you have any reservations about booking a shoot with Vixen Photography, DON’T!!!!!!! I have been around the burlesque scene a while and have seen a lot of pin up/burlesque photos and trust me when I say that Vixen Photography is one of a kind!!


I have had multiple photographers take my photos for various promotions, as well as, my own personal shoots. Scott has a vision unparalleled! His comfort, ideas while posing, and photo finishing will have you leaving your day job to become a professional model. He comes along with the other half of Vixen….Kixxi Galore. She does an amazing job with hair, make-up, and wardrobe. This is especially helpful to the girl who has a hard time seeing her own beauty. Shooting with Vixen is a perfect choice whether you have enough model shots to fill a scrapbook or if you have never posed in front of a professional photographer before. Buy a book for your honey, and thank me later.


Scott and Kixxi are wonderful! I was nervous to do the shoot but they made it fun and comfortable. Scott really has an eye of how to bring out the model’s best features, while Kixxi is amazing at posing the model with different props and backgrounds. The photos turned out soooo good, I barely recognized myself!


At first I was a little intimidated by the idea of doing a “sexy” photo shoot, but within minutes of starting Scott made me feel not only comfortable but amazingly sexy in front of the camera! Scott & Kixxi together were the perfect team to make the experience something I will never forget. Waiting in anticipation was the worst part, but totally worth it, I was blown away! Having a photo session with Scott is a must-do for every woman, the memories & photos will last forever


Scott and Kixxi, owners of VIXEN Photography, make an amazing team. I’ve never done a photo shoot before (aside from high school graduation pictures, haha) so I was pretty nervous. I left the studio feeling more confident and beautiful then ever before. I just got a sneak peek at one of my photos last night and wow! I never thought I could look so good! My boyfriend is going to be a happy camper! πŸ™‚

I have nothing but good things to say about VIXEN Photography — and I’m sure I’ll have even more great things to say once I get my pictures! I recently got the book I ordered from VIXEN Photography! It was everything I could have asked for and more! My boyfriend especially loved it!


I absolutely love VIXEN Photography! I went into the shoot not really knowing what to expect and I walked out feeling sexy and empowered. I really had a pampering experience with VIXEN because they make you feel so comfortable in your own skin that your inner VIXEN really does come out.


I never ever thought I would do a photo shoot like this, but I am SO glad I did. Going into it, I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect, but I was able to talk with Scott and Kixxi a few days before the shoot and they made me feel so at ease! The day of the shoot Kixxi was incredible helping me with poses, making sure everything looked just right. Scott was totally professional behind the camera and the pictures turned out amazing! Now I’m planning the next time I can have more pictures taken!

I just got the prints I ordered back and oh my god, Scott did an incredible job! One of them was printed on a metallic paper that is amazing. These guys thought of every detail, right down to the awesome packaging that my prints came in. Yes, I am definitely doing another shoot!


I had never had professional pictures taken prior to my VIXEN photo shoot, so naturally I was extremely nervous! Within 2 seconds of my first photo, Scott and Kixxi had me laughing and feeling at ease. It was such an amazing experience to work with both of them and I am so happy I was able to be apart of their creative and artistic vision! I absolutely love my photos and highly recommend anyone and everyone to book a photo shoot with VIXEN PHOTOGRAPHY. You won’t regret it πŸ™‚